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You’re an influencer ?

You want to give shout out to brands ?

Get 4 ways how to be an influencer and work with brands

There are also many many ways your can monetize your page, here are some ways you can start monetizing with as little as 10k followers:

1. Sign up to websites like shoutcart.com, influence.co, influenz.co adfy.co, even fiverr, etc.
2. There are apps you can use for this like Indahash, Tapinfluence, Tribe, Mavrck, Revfluence, Upfluence, etc.

You can use these websites and apps to bring awareness to your website and Instagram profile. Usually, alot of companies surf these platforms and websites in search for influencers. Maybe you can get in touch with them this way.

Here is a summary on how you monetize your account:

You use Fiverr, ShoutCart  Instagram and Facebook group directly.

Here I will explain how I set up and start on each platform.


1. Fiverr can be very lucrative if you have good reviews. I started on Fiverr with a small 20k account and my gig was « I will advertise your product on my 20k travel page ». Basically the people who would want to advertise on my page
i.e travlers, photographers, hotels, flight agencys, travel tours, etc, pay me a fee to post their content. That may be a regular post, story or link in BIO. If I do all 3 I charge extra.
Once you get the jobs it’s very easy to post however the work is getting good reviews. When I started on Fiverr I got all my friends to buy gigs off me and reveiw me. This way I went up
in the ratings very fast and I was being featured on the landing page for Fiverr. It can be slow at first as you need reviews however once you get rolling you can start getting 5-10 jobs per day.


2. ShoutCart is very straight forward, you sign up, add your cost per post and customers pay you. I reccomend starting your prices cheap for ShoutCart as it’s more profitable then charging a lot and never having customers.


3. This is the hardest way to get sales however we’ve had periods of time where we’ve made 3 x the amount of sales via IG over Fiverr. There are a few methods you can use. One is
stating in your BIO that you’re open to advertising. Advertisers will DM you and you can sort out the details. Another way is chasing leads. Do your own research, think about who would
want to advertise on your page, write up a proposal and contact them via IG. We have landed many gigs this way as well.

Facebook group

4. Join Facebook group with influencer and brands for show your services directly to brands

Facebook group in French : https://www.facebook.com/groups/1000LIKEFRIEND/


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