BusinessDigital technopolis

Need of 1.000.000 digital workers in the world

We can create BusinessDigital Technopolis for

  • Training, Google certification and MBA with Paris University
  • Incubator for grow startup
  • Silicon Valley for create jobs

BusinessDigital is a training company

BusinessDigital technopolis is an incubator located in 4 places :

1/ BusinessDigital technopolis in Madagascar open in 2014

2/ BusinessDigital technopolis in Open Sky Valbonne, Sophia Antipolis, France

3/ BusinessDigital technopolis in ivory coast

4/ BusinessDigital technopolis in Algeria

BusinessDigital technopolis help startup grow with business digital training and MBA training

Our BusinessDigital technopolis are more than 50.000 square meters with

  • Offices for Coworking
  • Condo for coliving
  • Hotel
  • Bars
  • Restaurant
  • Shopping center

For your country, the BusinessDigital Technopolis proposal is :

  • in your country more than 10.000 students train online, the students don’t need a specific degree or certification. The students are young or old
  • Google certification
  • Incubator for the certified persons
  • Coworking for startup
  • Office for companies hiring students
  • The students can continue with an Executive MBA with Paris La Sorbonne

We need

  • Budget for find 10.000 students
  • Teach 10.000 students

The goal is the 1st year with 10.000 students. These students get job proposal by

  • Companies hiring in the BusinessDigital Technopolis
  • Companies hiring for remote job

Publié par Franck PARIENTI

Professeur universitaire à HEC. Directeur des programmations de formation pour les 30 campus Supinfo University. Coach Google. Coach Facebook. Professeur universitaire à Polytechnique Madagascar, Professeur pour 5.000 étudiants à Madagascar. Fondateur BusinessDigital Campus en ligne. www.linkedin.com/in/franckparienti

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