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  • BusinessDigital technopolis incubator

    Are you looking for assistance in attaining your financial dreams via digital platforms? We are here to train you on all you need to know regarding the business, and afterward, we will still be here to coach you through this unique journey. We offer training regarding digital business strategies such as digital marketing. We then […]

  • BusinessDigital technopolis

    Need of 1.000.000 digital workers in the world We can create BusinessDigital Technopolis for Training, Google certification and MBA with Paris University Incubator for grow startup Silicon Valley for create jobs BusinessDigital is a training company BusinessDigital technopolis is an incubator located in 4 places : 1/ BusinessDigital technopolis in Madagascar open in 2014 2/ […]

  • 4 ways how to be an influencer and work with brands

    You’re an influencer ? You want to give shout out to brands ? Get 4 ways how to be an influencer and work with brands There are also many many ways your can monetize your page, here are some ways you can start monetizing with as little as 10k followers: 1. Sign up to websites […]

  • How to contact influencer for get a shootout of your offer

    You want to grow your Business Digital   Check how to get shoutouts on instagram by contact template 1st message template to an influencer Hi [name] My name is Franck PARIENTI from BusinessDigital I really enjoy your [relevant post time and date] and am impressed by how well you’ve done with [account name or brand]. I’m […]

  • How to work with an influencer

    You want to increase your Business Digital ? Work with influencers for get sales Check theses influencers guide Here’s exactly how I use influencers to promote things for brands First, make it clear what you want them to do Shoutout your Instagram page or Promote a product of your business –  How many posts would […]