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Focus on your products
You get orders of your products
You’re doing nothing and pay only when you get results. How ? Holmes bot using BigData, Chatbot and AI find your customers and get you orders. You get customers found with Bigdata by Holmes seeker Bot
Your customers will receive your offers and advice on your products by Holmes Chat bot
Your customers get specific answers to theirs questions with AI by Holmes Artificial Intelligence
Get customers using AI, Big Data and bot. Holmes find your customers and get you orders with partners Recast and Facebook Messenger. BusinessDigital selected by Stationf and organize demo with Recast and Facebook at Stationf
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Holmes, bot by BusinessDigital find your next customers and reach them with notifications and ads for send them advices with Facebook Messenger. These customers get answer with AI using Recast partner tool. Holmes is hands free and work on % of your orders
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Your customers are found by language, job title, location, sexe and other information

Day 1 They receive a linkedin notification, our linkedin account view the linkedin profile

Day 3 They receive a linkedin notification, our linkedin account follow the linkedin profile

Day 5 They receive a linkedin notification, our linkedin account endorse one skill

Day 7 They receive a linkedin message, our linkedin account send a customize invitation : 

Dear {{Firstname}} After follow you, can you accept my invitation for send you exclusive offer on {{Your service}} for you Regards

Day 9 They receive a linkedin message, after accept the invitation

Dear {{Firstname}} thanks for accept my invitation. Regards

Day 11 They receive a linkedin message

Dear {{Firstname}} are you interested for receive our exclusive offer on {{Your service}} for you

If yes, just answer me OK and I’ll be please to send it to you

If not, no worries

Best regards

Day 12 

Dear {{Firstname}} please find your exclusive offer on {{Your service}}

Best regards


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