How to be an influencer and grow your instagram account

You want to reach more persons ?
You want to work with brands as an influencer ?
There are an endless amount of ways you can increase engagement, I’m going to give you what works best in my experience.
First, the photos.
1. HIGH QUALITY PHOTOS! Make sure you use primary colors like blue, green and red i.e sunsets and sunrises. These photos tend to attract more likes.
2. Professional photographers will say all your shots should be in portrait mode. What I mean by that is they should fill up the phone screen from top to bottom. Here are two examples:
Like the photos above.
Do not use them like this:
Horizontal photos will have a harder time reaching the explore page and won’t come up in the top list of photos under those hashtags?
Use hashtags, but not 30. Use 25 to 28. That way Instagram will not see you as a spam account and you wil not get shadowbanned. Shadowban is when you don’t appear on hashtags anymore.
I have sent you 2 good websites where you can easily get the hashtags. Although I highly recommend this one:
Always tag a location. You don’t need to be too specific. Just tag it. More people will see your post.
Always post your regular posts in your story. Just do it! I have experienced an increase of up to 30% when I started using story mode.
Engage and reply to all comments made by followers. This way those people will most likely like your future posts. Getting more comments on your photos will get you more exposure.
Please contact me if you need more help.
Also, try as much as possible to not use filters or edit the photo. Noticed that photos without filters get more likes
There are a few others ways to grow your IG which I will explain to you over chat on Messenger

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